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Add the assemblies to your toolbox in Visual Studio or reference them in your project. The dll can be found by browsing to "<InstallationPath>\Technullogy\Weather Forecast\Assemblies". Once in your toolbox, simply drag and drop it onto your page or control, configure the properties and you're good to go!

You MUST register with in order to receive a License Key and Partner Id.

Technullogy Weather Forecast comes with 5 embedded skins (blue, green, red, yellow, and slate). You can also use a customize the look an feel with your own skin by setting the EnableEmbeddedSkin property to false, setting the CustomSkin property to the name of your skin, and then referencing a css file that uses the same classes as those included with the control. These files are all available in the install directory. I know, lame explanation. I'll come back and post something more detailed in the future.

Please follow guidelines for use of their XML feeds.

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